When we ask ourselves about a more responsible approach to fashion, we think ethical fashion but also recycling. So instead of throwing away what doesn’t suit you anymore, sell it on the Internet. And to renew your wardrobe, think of second-hand clothes. FemininBio has made you a small selection of the best sites and applications!

second hand clothes

Collective cloakroom

Looking for more upscale items? This application offers branded items at reduced prices. The opportunity to offer you this designer bag that has been making eyes at you for months!

The plus: The site lowers its commissions, and prices with it.

United Wardrobe

United Wardrobe is the Dutch version of Vinted that is now exported all over the world. Clothing at low prices and as good as new.

The most: you buy and sell all over the world

Lucky find

Are you rather vintage? Lucky Find has gathered for you the most beautiful pieces of clothing.

The plus: the site also offers furniture and other second-hand goods.

Ethic 2 hand

The goal of Marion, creator of the application: to fight against overproduction and working conditions of textile employees. You will therefore find articles made of organic materials and 100% good conscience!