2008 Bald Eagle Commemorative Coins

Last year the US Mint offered 2008 Bald Eagle Commemorative Coins. The coins first went on sale January 15, 2008. US Mint sales of the commemorative coins officially ended on December 12, 2008.

The Bald Eagle Commemorative Coin Program was created to honor three important things:

  • The recovery of the Bald Eagle species
  • The 25th Anniversary of the Endangered Species Act of 1973
  • The Bald Eagle’s importance of the National Symbol of the United States

The issuance of three different commemorative coins was authorized under Public Law 108-486. Each different coin is available in both proof and uncirculated versions. Surcharges from the sale of each coin are used to aid the future care of Bald Eagles through the American Eagle Foundation.

Bald Eagle Gold Coin$5 Gold Bald Eagle Coin

The $5 Gold Bald Eagle Coin obverse depicts a pair of young eaglets resting on a branch within their natural habitat. The reverse features the Great Seal of the United States currently in use. These coins are limited to a maximum authorized mintage of 100,000 across all ordering options. The coins did not reach the maximum.

Silver Bald Eagle Coin$1 Silver Bald Eagle Coin

The $1 Silver Bald Eagle Coin obverse portrays a mature Bald Eagle soaring through the air. The reverse features the original rendition of the Great Seal of the United States, which was used from 1782 to 1841. The maximum authorized mintage is 500,000 across all ordering options. The coins did not reach the maximum mintage.

Bald Eagle Clad Half50c Clad Bald Eagle Coin

The 50c Clad Bald Eagle Coin obverse portrays baby eaglets within a nest next to an unhatched egg. The reverse features the Bald Eagle Challenger with an American Flag in the background. The maximum authorized mintage for this coin is 750,000 across all ordering options. The coins did not reach this maximum level.

Sales Figures

Sales of the new Bald Eagle Coins were relatively strong throughout the year. The three coin set option sold out after approximately one month. Some of the other packaged options also later sold out, although none of the individual options reached sell out levels. Here you can find the most recent Bald Eagle coin mintages.